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"Work The Middle" now on my YouTube channel!  CHECK IT OUT!  

New video drops tomorrow! #CaliforniaSweetheartPt2 

HAHAHAHAHA  Baby Debbie!!!!

Go check out the whole interview with @astroswanted

diamondology: What happened to Houston date? Was in June then got pushed to July then disappeared. You would go to cle now that I moved :(

It’s not up to me…’s all up to the promoters!  I’d love to hit Houston this tour….


On Sight ( feat. MPA Shitro & Jay Owens)

Bay 2 LA


Work The Middle



I Do My Thang

Buss It

If you pre-order on iTunes you get “Work The Middle” immediately! 

lebeauphotos: fav pair of socks?

My weed socks….LOL!  

ebolaa: oh god, can't wait to see you August 29th, pull some bitches on stage, lets get ratchet.

I always doooooo!!!!!  

blvck-aromatique: when are you gonna holla at australia!? melbourne needs lil debbie! xx

Would LOVE to!!!!!  Tell your promoters to bring me out there!!!! 

cali4niasweetheart: debbie u go fuckin hard! my fav. luvvvv ♡

Thank youuuuu!

ecl36: Are you still coming to Colorado? I checked tickets but I couldn't find them yet

DENVER Check my website.  It’s up now.