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#OnSight video from #CaliforniaSweetheartPt2 coming soooon!!!!

FINALLY, #CaliforniaSweetheartPt2 is up on Google Play for all android users!  It takes them SO LONG!!!!


#CaliforniaSweetheartPt2 dropped in AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and EUROPE and at midnight it’ll be live in the USA!!!!  GO GET IT and play that bitch LOUD!!!!!!

Only TWO DAYS until #CaliforniaSweetheartPt2 drops on iTunes! This bitch gonna have y’all like 

Thank you to everyone who previewed #CaliforniaSweetheartPt2 on iTunes, loved it and PRE-ORDERED it!  This is my baby!  Full album drops AUGUST 5th but you get “Work The Middle” right away if you pre-ordered… 


Last night in Kansas City was turnt!  TONIGHT Imma be at The Firebird in St. Louis!  If you’re in town come partay with me and Remy Fox!!!! 

"Work The Middle" now on my YouTube channel!  CHECK IT OUT!  

New video drops tomorrow! #CaliforniaSweetheartPt2 

HAHAHAHAHA  Baby Debbie!!!!

Go check out the whole interview with @astroswanted