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"ON SIGHT" video is up NOW check it out here


thelittlesyreni: One of my goals is to see you one day and chief up a fat ass blunt w/ ya

Sounds good to meeee

katanaxo: u r my inspiration boo, stay elevated~let em haters motivate you and never stop doin what you do. sendin u the best vibes -nyc-

Thank you!

How I felt yesterday.  

Shouts out to @Hannah_Hadden66 for this dope drawing. Thank you baby gurl! 

#OnSight video from #CaliforniaSweetheartPt2 coming soooon!!!!

FINALLY, #CaliforniaSweetheartPt2 is up on Google Play for all android users!  It takes them SO LONG!!!!


#CaliforniaSweetheartPt2 dropped in AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and EUROPE and at midnight it’ll be live in the USA!!!!  GO GET IT and play that bitch LOUD!!!!!!

Only TWO DAYS until #CaliforniaSweetheartPt2 drops on iTunes! This bitch gonna have y’all like 

Thank you to everyone who previewed #CaliforniaSweetheartPt2 on iTunes, loved it and PRE-ORDERED it!  This is my baby!  Full album drops AUGUST 5th but you get “Work The Middle” right away if you pre-ordered…