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Jacksonville, FL 

Come out and partay with me on OCTOBER 23 at SUITE

mysidekawaii: When you're come in France ? You have fans here and we need you please come in France <3

Man, I would LOVE to come to France!!!

mysidekawaii: Do you make an over clip video of California Sweetheart pt.2 ? Please Wiggle is so sweet !

Wiggle it is!!!  Coming up next!


Instagram: Debbiecakes420


THE WHITE CLOUDS TOUR starting November 28! Come out and party with me, Remy Fox and CASKEY

All show information is on my website 


on my FACEBOOK page:   Debbiecakes420 

California Sweetheart CD’s

are now available to buy WORLDWIDE in all these places!!!!! 

"ON SIGHT" video is up NOW check it out here


thelittlesyreni: One of my goals is to see you one day and chief up a fat ass blunt w/ ya

Sounds good to meeee

katanaxo: u r my inspiration boo, stay elevated~let em haters motivate you and never stop doin what you do. sendin u the best vibes -nyc-

Thank you!

How I felt yesterday.  

Shouts out to @Hannah_Hadden66 for this dope drawing. Thank you baby gurl!